Pre Wedding – Engagement Shoots

Pre Wedding – 

Engagement Shoots

When it comes to engagements shoots, I like to think of them in two different categories:

The pre-wedding shoot is essentially the warm up to your wedding day. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you both to feel comfortable and relaxed. My intention is that by the end of the shoot you won’t even notice the camera – so when it comes to your wedding day, you can focus on all the important things like not forgetting your vows! By the time I turn up – we’re friends, not strangers. 

An Engagement shoot is a great way to communicate who you are. My aim is to capture you both in the most natural way possible, so that your personal narrative speaks through your body language. I want to capture the way you interact with each other, your subtle glances and movements you don’t even realise are happening. Ultimately, this is your love story… just relax and leave the rest to me!

Secret engagement shoots – this is all about the unexpected big question … “Will you marry me?”

My aim with this is to capture the nerves, the expectations, the hopes, and the apprehension!! Documenting this moment – unbeknown to your partner – only adds to the anticipation!

Those brave enough to invite me to share this special moment (albeit from a distance) will be rewarded with photographs that capture something unique – spontaneous raw emotions of a moment that can never be replicated!

Capturing this requires a unique approach which I’ve finessed and developed through experience. It allows me to be completely discreet and unobtrusive – my trade secret (only revealed once you book). I have a 100% success rate and can guarantee it won’t in any way detract from your special moment. 

Once you and your new fiancée have had some special private time together, we can either capture a few more post engagement shots or I can disappear, and you keep the photos as a surprise for your wedding day. Happy to discuss this in more detail but want to assure you I can be as flexible as you need.